1. Call for Papers (english version) 

2. Call for Papers (versione italiana)

3. Book of Abstracts

4. Giovanni Arrighi and Fortunata Piselli, “Capitalist Development in Hostile Environments: Feuds, Class Struggles, and Migrations in a Peripheral Region of Southern Italy”, Review (Fernand Braudel Center), Vol. 10, No. 4 (Spring, 1987), pp. 649-751

5. Symposium on Giovanni Arrighi’s Adam Smith in Beijing (2008)

6.Giovanni Arrighi interviewed on Italian TV show L’Infedele (2006)

7.“Reading Karl Polanyi in Beijing” by Giovanni Arrighi

8. Giovanni Arrighi: The Winding Paths of Capital. Interview by David Harvey

9. John Reed – Giovanni Arrighi: The Rhodesian Years

10. Luisa Passerini – Giovanni Arrighi

11. Çaǧlar Keyder, “Small Peasant Ownership in Turkey: Historical Formation and Present Structure”, Review (Fernand Braudel Center), Vol. 7, No. 1 (Summer, 1983), pp. 53-107

12. Giordano Sivini – La teoria delle crisi: Arrighi e Marx prima de Il lungo XX secolo